Poker Glossary

All In
A player who runs out of money during the course of a game. Can’t win the entire pot

Betting Limits
How much you are permitted to bet on a hand

Everyone around the table gets a turn in betting, is a round.

Burn Cards
The card taken off the top and the bottom of the deck before a game

putting in the money that another person has bet on the game

Passing on the turn.


Getting out of the game, your hand is not that good

One complete use of the cards that you are dealt. Such as five card stud, you are dealt card, the bets are placed, and the high hand wins.

Main Pot and Side Pots
The main jackpot, and what you can win if you get another type of hand.

Muck Cards
All discarded cards lying face down in front of the dealer

The total number of chips that are bet in a given round and any prior rounds.

Once a bet has been made in a given round, any subsequent increases to the amount bet is called a raise.

The house charges a commission

Small Blind
The small blind is made by the player immediately to the left of the dealer button and is equal to half of the minimum bet, rounded down to the nearest dollar.

Split Pot
If two or more players have the same hand at the showdown, the pot is split equally between them.

The pot that is sitting on the table, what can be won.