A world of online poker can be a crazy and confusing place. Just where should you play and whom can you trust? Who offers the best incentives and bonuses to attract you into their poker room? After you read this article, hopefully this will clear up any confusion you may have.

There are many options for online poker today. In the late 1990’s, online poker was almost unknown. The door opened for poker after the turn of the millennium. Online poker rooms were born on almost a weekly basis. Today the market is overwhelmed with poker rooms and choosing your place to play can be very difficult.

Party poker is the most heavily populated poker room online right now. You will find that there is a nice sign on bonus offered to new players as incentive to join. There is a large variety of games converted and many tournaments to choose.

Paradise poker is also a well-known poker room. This offers a more diverse range of poker tournaments and has a good ring game action and a large variety of different poker games. Players who join paradise poker are loyal and love the bonuses that are offered there.

Pacific poker is a very smoothly ran poker room where you can find a lot of fun. There are comp points for every player, big tournaments with large guaranteed prizes and many great ring games with great bonuses.

Whom can you trust? Online poker has some of the tightest security measures in place of any online business. Most of all poker rooms offer 128-bit encryption security, which is the safest around. Financial institutions regulate most.

Just like with circumstances there will always be that chance that a con will try to get you online. The bigger, established poker rooms are however one hundred percent safe or as near to that as they can get. You can feel secure in depositing money with them.

Where are the sharks? In short, there are sharks everywhere. If you are new to online poker, do not jump right into the large stake games, these games will be heavily populated by more experienced players who will most likely take all of your money. Stay with the lower limits until you build up your confidence and experience. Baby steps are always the best way to start.

Now after reading this article, I hope that you will be more secure with the new and improved online safety measures that most casinos are taking and take that security with to the poker rooms and win more money.

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